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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

The goal of most people in retirement is to build up enough money during the accumulation phase (working years) so that during the distribution phase (retirement) they are able to live at a comfortable level and not have to worry about running out of money. Our goal as a firm is to utilize the resources we have, the knowledge we have obtained over the years, and to use the various tools at our disposal, to help each client try to reach that goal. We have a comprehensive process that we put into place that will help a client accumulate funds through saving and investing. But another part of the process is to help a client navigate through the numerous hurdles that they face in the distribution phase. Unfortunately, many retirement plans crash and burn during the distribution phase because of poor planning or no planning at all. We feel that creating a plan that tries to answer life’s “what ifs” scenarios is one of our strengths.

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Investment Planning

When it comes to investing, we find that people have different needs. Some want unlimited growth potential, some want liquidity with their investment, and some want limited or no risk to their investment. Our job as a firm is to combine various investment opportunities in such a way as to create the best portfolio for each client at the appropriate time in order to work toward the goals of each client.

To work toward those goals, we constantly strive to have the most effective tools at our disposal. Remember that every investment strategy has features that might seem very attractive, but might not be the right fit for your situation. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss and investment plan that meets your needs.

Life Insurance

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, will have a need for life insurance. Some will use it to protect a debt (mortgage), protect an asset (pension), replace an income, leave a legacy to their family or charity, or for financial estate planning. Our responsibility as a firm is to determine the proper coverage that each person might need. It is also important for us to service these policies, especially keeping the beneficiaries current.

Are you confident that your family will be able to live at a comfortable level in the event of a pre-mature death? Let us arrange a life insurance analysis for you.

Long Term Care Planning

Close to 60% of all people will need long term care at some point during their lifetime. Are you properly prepared to protect your assets from this tremendous burden? There are several options for you in planning for this protection. The traditional long term care coverage where you lose the premium you put into the plan if you don't use it is no longer the only option available. Today there is asset based long term care coverage along with long term care riders on life insurance plans. These options allow someone to receive the benefit at some point in time. Allow us to help you in planning for long term care.

Estate Planning

How will estate taxes possibly affect you? Many people, never realize, until it is too late, the effects that an estate tax can have on the assets that were meant to be passed on to loved ones, charities, universities, or churches. Allow us to help facilitate some proper estate planning with qualified accountants and lawyers to help minimize the effects of estate taxes.

*Randy Barnes is not an attorney. For specific estate planning advice, please consult a qualified estate planning attorney.

College Savings

Most parents have the desire to help their children pay for their college education. With the average four year cost for a college education in the low to mid six figures, it is imperative to have a savings plan in place. Allow us to show you the options that are available and to put a plan in place to help you work toward your goals and desires.

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